How to Play Roulette Game

Any idea which among the casino games is roulette? Well, it is that fun game involving wheel spinning, and a small white marble moving around the wheel as it spins.

What you need to keep in mind, however, as you embark on learning how to play roulette game, is that the house always has a significant edge against you – a whole 5.26%.

Math aside, what we are saying is that much as you can win big with roulette, you can also easily lose more money than in other online casino games unless you learn how to deal with the odds.

You do not have to keep losing five times the money you spend when playing the game as often happens. After all, there are many people who have played roulette before you and won big monies.

Nevertheless, it is possible these people took some time to learn how to play roulette game properly, even as their counterparts kept taking chances with more and more bets, visit website.

The Layout of the Game

Depending on the type of wheel, the number of slots will be either 37 or 38. The former is found on a European wheel, while the latter is found on an American wheel. What is the difference, you may wonder?

Simple – Whereas slots on either wheel are numbered 0 – 36, the remaining slot on the European wheel is numbered ‘0’, and the remaining two slots on the American wheel are each numbered ‘0’; so you have ‘00’ on this wheel.

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Do you know what the implications are for the varying number of zeroes? It means you do not have to become vulnerable to the house edge of 5.26%, because with the European wheel, the house edge is halved to 2.63%.

Would you ever know the best roulette game version to select if you did not commit to learning how to play roulette game? You certainly would not.

Watch the inside of the betting area, and you will notice individual numbers, well arranged in twelve rows. Each of those rows has three numbers.

Of course, when you have such rows of three numbers following one another, they end up forming three columns, and that is what you see on the roulette layout.

At the very top of those columns is where the single zero and the double zero are fitted.

Check the outside of that area, and you will notice boxes that contain different number groups such as the red or black and the even or odd ones.

That is that for the layout, a very important part you cannot afford to ignore when trying to master how to play roulette game. Now we can proceed to the actual playing.

How To Begin Playing Roulette

You first of all need to know about chips as you learn how to play roulette game, particularly that every participating player should play with a different color – no color sharing.

Buying of chips is actually the first step to the game of roulette. You pay money, and the croupier issues you with chips of the same color. Since each player is issued with chips of a different color from the rest, there is no confusion as to whose chips have won or have not when the roulette spinning wheel rests.

The next thing you do once you have received the chips is to place them strategically on the table map. Remember you are striving to learn how to play roulette game so as to earn some precious dollars, rupees or whatever currency you use, and not just to enjoy betting.

If you are entirely new to roulette, it may be a good idea to have a go at it on a table offering free spins, and soon you will be confident enough to put your money at stake.

Roulette Tables Have Minimum and Maximum Bets

The reason it is good to be diligent in learning how to play roulette game is that you may think you are increasing your chances of winning by making an inside bet of, say, $3 and an outside bet of $2 just because you are prepared to spend $5 at that moment. That is, however, not acceptable.

Whatever roulette table you choose to play from has its minimum and maximum bet. If its minimum is $5, just choose if you want to make an inside bet or an outside one, and whichever you choose, bet the entire $5. Roulette does not permit you to combine an inside bet and an outside one to fulfill the requirement of a minimum bet.

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Playing Roulette is Easy

Of course nothing is exactly easy if you are entirely ignorant of the basic procedures. That is why it is good you are learning how to play roulette game. Once you are set with your chips, the dealer begins to spin the roulette wheel and then throws in the ball as he announces, ‘No more bets’.

That announcement is self explanatory, and so as players you just watch and wait for the wheel to spin and then rest. What follows is the dealer clearing the losing bets and also paying the winners. Only then does the next round of roulette game begin.

In Roulette Players Do Not Scramble For Numbers

Why is there no need to rush to cover a number if you seriously think it is likely to win? Well, because no player covers any number exclusively. If a player covers the number you wanted before you, feel free to place your chip on top of that other chip. After all, you and your fellow players will always play with varying colors, check that.

As you can see, it is easy to play roulette like gentlemen and ladies, without any shoving. And as long as all of you participants will have learnt well how to play roulette game, the game will be smooth, and the losing players will not bear any ill feelings against the winners.